Erika Flint Shares Her Class Experience As an Online Student

- I believe this is class is the best hypnosis training available.

- Cal is very passionate and real.

- Cal makes me want to be the best hypnotist and instructor I can be..

- The information in this class is enough to not only start a hypnosis practice, but thrive.

- Supporting material and products are great – BOLSM, Business Start Up 2.1 and The Secret Language of Feelings book.

- I had taken the DVD version of this class which was great, but realistically, there is so much information in this class you can take it over and over and always get something new out of it. I have a deeper understanding of the material now, and am so happy I took the class again.

- Taking the class remotely was such a great option for me. I got all the benefits of being in the live class, but without having to travel or be away from my family. The Banyan Hypnosis Center uses the latest technology and made it easy for me to feel like I was actually there in the room with everyone else - even though I was thousands of miles away